Paul Roos Gymnasium and DEVMCO GROUP are hosting the second leg of the SA XCO Cup Series on 2 April, 2022, at Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch. This UCI CAT1 race, hosted one week after the Cape Epic, is sure to attract top national and international riders.

Registration opens in 2022, and regular updates will be made available here.

Paul Roos Gymnasium and DEVMCO GROUP will host the 2022 SA XCO Cup Series
Look out for the 2022 SA XCO Cup Series

Challenging obstacles

This will be one of the most spectator-friendly disciplines of mountain biking and XCO (Cross Country Olympic). Riders’ skills and fitness will be tested over undulating circuits (laps) with technical descents, forest roads, rocky paths and challenging obstacles.

Coetzenburg is a world class course and hosted the UCI World Cup in 2018. Further to existing obstacles, such as Wine Barrel, Pick-up-Stix and Rock Garden, it will feature a brand new obstacle.

Each lap will stretch over approximately 4,6 kms, with elevation of 190m. The Nippers and Sprogs course will be shorter and promises to be a lot of fun.

“XCO has taught me never to give up and just to go as hard as you can from the word go. There is not time in an XCO race to rest or get off the gas. As soon as you do that, you lose your position. XCO athletes have way more control and better line choices I’ve seen over other riders, and it teaches you to step into the deep end and see how long you can survive. I would really like to encourage all young aspiring mountain bikers to come participate in this event,” says Tristan Nortje (Imbuko Giant) u/23 SA National XCO Champ 2021.

“Coetzenburg is one of the best XCO tracks in South Africa, as it is on the same level as World Cup tracks. The long climbs provide enough overtaking space, whereas the technical features on the course is not too technical but still needs a lot of concentration and good lines to get through every lap safely. I love the Coetzenburg track because the best rider is sure to win!”

Paul Roos Gymnasium believes in developing long-term skilled athletes. In the week prior to the event, Paul Roos will be hosting skills sessions led by their own skills coaches. Further to the standard racing on the day, the programme will also include a skills competition for all U/18 riders. Western Cape MTB skills experts will be judging participants on the various obstacles, and most skilled riders will be awarded with great prizes.

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