Contagious Theatre’s Silkworm
Contagious Theatre’s Silkworm

Winner of a Standard Bank Ovation Award last year, Contagious Theatre’s Silkworm comes to the Alexander Bar. It’s described as “an evocative exploration of the ordinary things that make life extraordinary”.

Storytelling and clowning

The story is told through the eyes of the at once gregarious and socially awkward Georgina. Georgina is about to have the single most important day of her life. On this day, she takes the audience on a journey that reveals how the small things are, ultimately, big things.

Silkworm makes extensive use of storytelling and clowning techniques borrowed from Italy’s Helikos School of Theatre Creation, adding humour and a touch of whimsy. The result is a theatrical experience that explores, pushes, and ultimately punctures the gossamer thin veil that divides the wistfully surreal from the frighteningly real.

Silkworm is conceived and directed by Jenine Collocott and stars Taryn Bennett, with additional dramaturgy by Nick Warren.

About Contagious Theatre

Contagious is a theatre company based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. It brings together the talents of three acclaimed theatre makers, Jenine Collocott, James Cairns and Taryn Bennett with long-time fringe producers Simon and Helen Cooper. In their own right they all have had work shown internationally in Europe, the US, the UK and Australia. Contagious produces independent fringe theatre that brings the creative freedom, simplicity and energy of the festival circuit to mainstream audiences.

What: Silkworm Contagious Theatre

Where and when: Alexander Bar, City from 6 to 18 May 2019

Book: Here