A new lifestyle programme, titled Spasie, starts screening on kykNET on DStv channel 144 from 20 January, 2022, at 9pm. The show focuses on the transformation of small spaces into stunning homes.

“We are going to show how small spaces can be utilised optimally and how people who downscaled, adjusted their way of living to live with less,” says the director, Elmi de Pauw. “A lot of people embraced the tiny-home trend in South Africa, and we went looking for them.”

She says every programme consists of three parts: “First, we show somebody who made the change and then we visit a cleverly designed space, as well as companies that manufacture micro homes. In the third section of the show, we follow somebody who is in the process of creating a small space.”

Spasie lifestyle show on kykNET
Spasie lifestyle show on kykNET

Downscale on the inside

According to Elmi, the purpose of the programme is to show that there is an alternative.

“It is not necessary to stress about your monthly bond payments behind high walls. You can downsize without giving up on your quality of life. Spasie is all about the philosophy of living lighter with less. ‘You have to downscale on the inside to live smaller on the outside.’ The series provides you with practical information about the what and how.”

The inspiration for the show came from a family who started living in a bus with their four children during lockdown. “The series grew out of that idea, and now we are showing a variety of people in South African who live like that.”

“The past two years definitely influenced the way we live,” says Elmi. “We realised what is important. Employers realised it is not necessary to sit at a desk in an office to do your work. There were always older people who toured South Africa in a caravan, but with new technology, young people can do the same if they decide to build their house on wheels.”

What makes the perfect space?

“The perfect space is one that meets your needs,” says Elmi. “With the filming of each space for this series, I thought this is the perfect space. But then I saw the next one and said the same. In other words, the perfect space is the one in which the people living there, are happy.”

What: Spasie kykNET
When: From 20 January 2022, 9pm
Where: kykNET DStv channel 144