A Walking Tour on Robben Island now allows visitors the opportunity to explore the history and biodiversity of the Robben Island Museum (RIM). Day trippers get to walk in the footsteps of South African legends.

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In addition to standard tours by bus around the island, more sites are highlighted with the Walking Tour. Here visitors can visit historic sites including the Murray’s Bay Harbour Exhibition, the Visitor Centre Complex, the Land of Banishment for Xhosa Chiefs, the Ou Tronk Exhibition, the Blue Stone Quarry, the World War II Precinct, the Agricultural Precinct, the Lime Stone Quarry and the Maximum Security Prison.

Robben Island tours Cape Town

Tariffs for the experience

– R1000 for South African adults, and R620 for South African children aged two to 18 years.

– R1400 for non-South African adults, and R820 for non-South African children aged two to 18 years.

The walking tours run Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 7.30am to 12pm and 1pm – 5pm. Visitors are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before each tour. A complimentary water bottle and a cap are provided.

Visitors are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing, including closed shoes/ sneakers. Bring your own snacks.

Robben Island walking tours Cape Town
Enjoy walking tours on Robben Island

“Against the backdrop of the economic onslaught of Covid-19 on the global tourism industry, we have had to re-evaluate our offerings and find ways to improve the visitor experience, particularly to attract repeat visitors in the domestic market. The Walking Tours will offer tourists a new and exciting option, while also offering people who have already experienced standard tours a chance to learn more about RIM’s rich heritage,” explains Siphuxolo Mazwi, Marketing & Tourism Manager at RIM.

“The tour will be divided into smaller groups and accompanied by an experienced tour guide who will ensure the visitors’ safety, provide informative commentary along the way, answer questions, and dispel myths,” adds Mazwi.

Covid-19 protocols are observed, and emergency medical services are available on site.

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