Hot on the heels of their completely sold out short form improv festival at Alexander Bar, the ImproGuise team are gearing up for a run of brilliant, diverse and exciting long form improv aptly named ImproGuise Presents The Style High Club. Each of the five nights of the season, running in April/May 2019, will be devoted to completely improvised hour-long shows.

The Style High Club

“We had such fun performing our short form formats, but we longed to get our improv teeth into something a bit more challenging and satisfying. Our long form improv definitely does that,” says, Tandi Buchan, artistic director of ImproGuise. “And our audiences begged us for more shows. We provide a brilliant, creative escape for people.”

ImproGuise are Cape Town’s veteran improv group. Founder member Megan Furniss has been performing improv on Cape Town’s stages for 26 years and she still loves it: “I cannot wait for our nights of long form. When I think about each style; soap, musical, film noir, period drama, movies, I think that each one is my best. I am so lucky I get to do this.”

The Style High Club is five nights of totally improvised, genre driven improv, guaranteed to delight and amaze audiences.

ImproGuise presents The Style High Club programme

Monday 29 April 2019: A Night at the Movies

ImproGuise, with the help of the audience’s suggestions, is inspired by movies, real and imagined, and plays out an hour-long show of movie scenes. Imagine the lost scene including the kipper from Gone With the Wind. Imagine scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor, alternate endings to Marley and Me or Sleepless in Seattle, or The Shining – The Musical.

Tuesday 30 April 2019: Soap/Seep

Secrets, side effects, snide comments, sundowners, salacious sex, and snoekbraai. It’s our amazing, improvised, never-seen-before South African soapie. Highly addictive – will leave you screaming for more.

Wednesday 1 May 2019: Musical

Sick of the same old musicals in an endless cycle on our stages? We break the mould and create, from scratch, never seen before musicals, with on-the-spot openings, dangerous duets, daring dialogue and plots that we don’t have any idea about until they happen.

Thursday 2 May 2019: The Big … An Improvised Film Noir

Inspired by the much loved 1940s film genre, the actors explore the detective film with its hardboiled PIs, sultry backstabbing dames and seedy criminals in a shadowy world. High, and completely improvised, drama.

Friday 3 May 2019: Senseless and Spontaneity: A Jane Austen-inspired period drama

Time turns slowly. Each little rustle of emotions is deeply felt. A fluttering of the heart, a romantic disappointment, a turn about the garden. Tender and witty improv.

What: ImproGuise presents The Style High Club

Where and when: Alexander Bar from 29 April to 3 May 2019

Book: Here