Observatory’s Two4One Kitchen & Bar is serving all their main dishes every day at two meals for the price of one. Thirty-one year- old Chef Yannick Muamba is in the kitchen. He describes the experience as bistro-style eating. “It’s all about sharing, tasting and feasting on a variety of flavourful dishes made using ethical, locally sourced ingredients. It’s an eating experience for the relaxed gourmet lover – with a well-stocked bar and TVs for sports enthusiasts thrown in.”

Yannick started his culinary career in 2013 working as a chef at Cloud 9 Hotel and The Annex. He describes the menu at Two4One as simple. “The menu was designed for people who want to enjoy easy meals and dishes that can be shared with a friend or partner at an affordable price.”

Two4One Restaurant in Lower Main Road Observatory Cape Town
Two4One Restaurant in Lower Main Road Observatory Cape Town

A sharing menu

The menu includes a wide range of options, such as like beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers, pizza and desserts. There’s also a sharing menu offering hake fingers with tartar sauce, cheesy nachos, chilli poppers, beef sliders and delectable chicken wings with blue cheese dipping sauce.

Muamba fell in love with cooking in his final year of high school, he says “As I was not good at physics as a subject, I was forced to change to Hospitality Studies. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be. I started falling in love with cooking when I was in my matric year and took it further by going to study cooking as a profession, from which my passion just grew.”

From draft beers to signature cocktails, the bar at Tw04One offers a wide selection of drinks with a price range to suit all budgets. Customers also have the option to mix and match meals (the cheapest will be free), or substitute their second free meal for any house drink.

The Two4One Kitchen & Bar has sidewalk seating, while the interior is contemporary – with hanging plants, wooden framed mirrors, murals and electric guitars on the walls. It’s open for young and old to get together for a delicious meal, or simply to enjoy a refreshing cocktail after work.

Where: Two4One 90 Lower Main road Observatory, Cape Town
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 10pm
Book: 067 371 1162
Web: www.two4one.co.za
Facebook: @two4one