Overland Underground - Carol GainerOVERLAND UNDERGROUND. An exhibition by Carol Gainer. Brutal Curation, Woodstock.


I literally ran into this black box space on Saturday morning to check out Carol’s exhibition and I fell into her work in a profound and deep way, and I fell in love with the space and its name – Brutal Curation.

I don’t know enough about art to write properly about it, only to say how it makes me feel. Carol’s work is rich and detailed and complex. It feels spiritual and whimsical and cruel and very, truly original. I have not seen anything like her paintings, ever.

She has this to say about this series of work:

“This body of work explores the earth; depicts and evokes the complexity of the ground we walk on. The networks unseen. The paintings are visceral, emotional, layered artworks that force the viewer to look closer, to see deeper by lifting the veil. They conceal, while at the same time reveal. What at first glance appears to be the intertwined stems of twisted undergrowth reveal to be a hand, a limb; the gnarled root of a tree (both abstract and real) an exploration into the abstract reality we experience with the ever spreading and deepening fracturing connections and fragility of our earth.

Our ground, that which we stand upon.”

Overland Underground - Carol Gainer

Resistance to the dominant ideology

Here is a bit about the artist – Carol-Anne Gainer is a practicing contemporary artist based in Cape Town, she has exhibited internationally, participated in residencies and has work in both public and private collections.

Her work is primarily a resistance to the dominant ideology and aesthetic, containing multiple levels of meaning and encouraging the contradictory. It examines our ambiguous power-relationship to our environment, animals and nature whilst simultaneously exploring the fragile invisible forces that hold us together.

Go and see for yourself.

What: Overland Underground – Carol Gainer

Where and when: Brutal Curation, 48 Albert Rd, Woodstock from 26 March to 11 April 2022