Pound is a full-body cardio workout

Fancy getting fit the musical way? Well Virgin Active South Africa have confirmed that Pound will be launching in March, 2017. The activity hopes to take drumming to a whole new workout level. Pound is a full-body cardio workout that fuses full-body movements and drumming with lightly weighted Ripstix.

Using the Ripstix, which are lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, Pound uses morphs drumming into an extremely effective and unique way of working out. It’s a full-body workout where instead of listening to music, you become the music!

This high-intensity exercise is a combination of cardio, conditioning, and strength training with Yoga and Pilates-inspired movements. The end result? You’ll let loose, lose weight and get energised while toning up and rockin’ out. Hit that!

Why Pound could be good for me?
It tones your entire body
Improves your rhythm and coordination
Increases strength and flexibility

What can you expect?
It turns an intense total-body workout into an exhilarating jam session
Full-body movements fused with lightly weighted Ripstix for maximum calorie burn
The sound of striking sticks motivates you to work harder

How many calories will I burn?
On average you’ll burn 500 calories per class, but the harder you work, the more calories you’ll burn.

What: Pound launches March 2017
Where: At select Virgin Active Health Clubs
Link: www.virginactive.co.za