Yann Macherez Today Stone Town at Alliance Francaise du Cap
Life in Stone Town captured by Yann Macherez

Over a period of 24 hours, Yann Macherez devoted himself to the rhythm and movement of Stone Town in Zanzibar, documenting its identity.

An exhibition of 24 photos, one per hour, paired with sound recorded during the capture, it will be showcased at Alliance Francaise du Cap.

Heritage conservation

A discussion will also focus on the challenges faced by many cities throughout the world – how to preserve identity while adapting to a fast growing society? Experts will talk about their experience and share their conception of heritage conservation.

The exhibition by Yann Macherez is titled Today Stone Town. The concept being a humanist photo project that brings to light the beauty and diversity of our world by focusing on several cities all around the planet. Alliance Francaise du Cap hosts the exhibition from 7 to 31 March 2019

Yann Macherez adds: “Our world is changing rapidly. Through this inevitable process, the world’s cultural colours are fading and extraordinary identities are on the brink of being lost. In this fast moving society, where many are in search of their own identity, it feels important for me to encourage people to find pride in their cultural heritage and celebrate diversity.”

Immersive experience of daily life of Stone Town

In the same intention as Jimmy Nelson’s project before they passes away, Today-Project is the visual response to that conviction – a way to show the world the great value that cultural heritage holds before our world has forever change.

An immersive experience of daily life of Stone Town, the work is a visual journey through time and space. This second exhibition in Cape Town hones in on his adventure in the streets. Two choices were made to achieve that goal: focus on cities in 24 hours. The time frame of a day set a universal reference: we are all living within the same natural rhythm but experience it differently.

By focusing on one city for 24 hours, Yann seeks to portray the diversity and beauty of our humanity, including our similarities, differences, and the challenges we face, all throughout the world.

“”I believe that by showing the world through the eyes of the other, we understand and cherish the heritage of our world more. An assessment of our profound bounds, an apology of our difference. And the biggest revelation could be, that it may even teach us about ourselves, about our planet and – most importantly – how to look after it for generations to come,” the photographer says

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What: Yann Macherez Today Stone Town
Where: Alliance Francaise du Cap, 155 Loop Street Cape Town, 021 423 5699