99 Loop Gallery: Upcoming showsUpcoming shows at 99 Loop Gallery feature Bulumko Mbete with A Thousand Things and Wim Legrand with Vanities. The opening will take place on Thursday 31 October and the shows will run until 23 November 2019.

A Thousand Things (pictured left) is Bulumko Mbete’s first solo exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery. Featuring domestic and utilitarian materials such as wool, plastic, cotton, blankets and beads, Mbete’s artworks experiment with challenging our experience of their materiality.

Through the exploration of familiar, and familial, materials she finds a language to speak to the weaved connectivity of relationships and experiences. Ultimately, Mbete uses her textile artworks to unravel the ways her chosen materials intersect culturally.

99 Loop Gallery: Upcoming shows

Vanities (pictured right) is Wim Legrand’s fifth solo exhibition at 99 Loop Gallery. The exhibition is a continued exploration of the artist’s idiosyncratic visual language of unicorns, cheeses and hotdogs – randomly commonplace, seemingly innocuous objects staged in fabulistic landscape scenes.

Playing with visual motifs and an array of references, Vanities draws parallels between historic painting traditions and the iconography and practices of our current social media age. Ultimately, Legrand’s exhibition explores how images accrue, change, and sometimes lose, meaning.

About 99 Loop Gallery

99 Loop shines a spotlight on a wide range of top emerging and established artistic talent from South Africa. On the corner of Loop and Church Streets, 99 Loop joins a number of other established and new galleries on the same stretch, offering visitors a reason to linger and explore.

What: Bulumko Mbete with A Thousand Things and Wim Legrand with Vanities

Where and when: 99 Loop Gallery: from 31 October to 23 November 2019