ANTHOLOGY. Four writers, one director, two  actors, many brilliant and crazy ideas. Playwrights: Dara Beth, Jon Keevy, Jemma Kahn and Louis Viljoen. Director: Louis ViljoenActors: Maggie Gericke and Nicholas Pauling. Photographs: Tiffany Schultz. Alexander Bar.

Anthology at Alexander Bar: Review


A pair of shipwrecked pirate perverts. A psychologist with a suspicious client. A drama student with a seance candle. An estranged son circling the widowed step-mother.

I love Anthology. Bite size bits of really good theatre with interesting characters, unusual relationships and great dialogue. This iteration of Anthology is particularly good, and funny, and tight and clever.

In New Moon, by Dara Beth, a drama student conjures up a long dead Shakespeare and they tangle with each other. It’s very funny, and silly, and witty and strange. Nicholas’s Shakespeare is a demented Berkoffian ruffian and Maggie’s drama student embodies them all, in the cutest and most contemporary way. Before I could control my mirth…

It was time for Vultures by Jon Keevy. A son comes to claim his share of his father’s inheritance from his young step-mother. Think Succession. Think Transparent. Think The Good Fight. Louis’ direction here was perfect, keeping them still and simmering; two unlikeable people fighting over a dead man’s stuff. It was really good, and both actors were instantly transformed into the new characters.

After interval the set for Jemma Kahn’s Amy was in place; a traditional psychiatrist/patient setting. This short session, with a bizarre spiral into the strangest ink blot ever, had some great dialogue and oddball characters. I thought it was hilarious.

Anthology at Alexander Bar: Review

And then it was Louis’ own piece Getting off the Ship Venus (please let me have gotten that title right!); a totally outrageous and uncontained pirate ship’s captain who has only his shipmate Billy left when his crew mutiny. Traditional Louis dialogue – seriously funny filth and metaphor coupled with completely camp and high comedy performance by both Nicholas and Maggie. I loved it.

Louis Viljoen has done a fabulous job of directing each piece. He has honoured the writing but managed to keep it tight and flowing and brought each story to life. The actors are versatile, magnetic and work so well together. It’s all slick and so fun to watch.

Go and see it. Anthology is rewarding, fresh, contemporary and funny.

What: Anthology

Where and when: Alexander Bar until 19 October 2019

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