GoT Season 8 Episode 2
GoT Season 8 Episode 2

Game of Thrones has been dubbed the most epic TV series of all time. Here’s MEGAN FURNISS’ reading of Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 – Pre-war kumbaya and love fest.

Spoiler Alert!

If it wasn’t so early in the season, we would be forgiven for thinking the series had gone totally soft. Not a single stabbing, raping, or even strong threat in this one. In fact, right at the top of the episode Jaime (who spells it like that?) Lannister is basically forgiven by everyone, including Daenerys whose own father he killed. That’s how he got his name even.

No, in episode two all humanity is revealed and explored, with a few cute and vulnerable children, a gentle, consensual and totally unrevealing sex scene (bet the actor in question had a nudity clause tightly in place), a completely out of character blurry-eyed Brienne of Tarth, a completely unsweary Hound, and everyone else swearing allegiance and promising to come together to fight the white walkers.

GoT Season 8 spoilers

In fact the whole entire episode takes place in Winterfell, where it is freezing, and grey and gloomy, and rooms with candles and fireplaces contrast against the bleak outdoors and make spaces for conversations, drinking while waiting, a bit of a nostalgic nod to the past in a brotherly chat with Jaime and Tyrion, and the opportunity for Tormund Giantsbane to have the best, and most trite line of dialogue, “We are all gonna die, but at least we’ll die together.” I. Kid. You. Not.

We are used to Samwell being the bringer of the quivering chin, and he does so perfectly in this episode. But he is certainly not the only one. It feels like a huge gathering of the feels, on every level, and I bought it hook, line and sinker. Even the bad baddies seemed to have gone good, and Cersei, although spoken about was never seen. We were totally geared towards caring a lot about everybody. And that is why it was so creepy, because these people are going to DIE!

I love GoT. And this was a brilliant, clever, soppy, sentimental shlock fest, ending with a, wait for it, SONG!

I can only imagine what we are in store for next week. I wait in hysterical, terrified anticipation.

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