A new theatre piece titled The Rabble will open at the Magnet Theatre in December. In the production, two vagrants occupy a piece of repossessed land. The world they live in exists on the fringe of the fast-developing metropolis in which they are viewed as the rabble, the hoi polloi, indivisible from the neglected debris that forms their landscape. Depressed and hungry they are in search of an identity and a means out of their brutal reality of dog attacks, thieves and raiders in uniform.

'The Rabble'

They come across an enchanted object which brings them good fortune and a sense of purpose, but it comes with sacrifice and responsibility. It is theirs only for as long as they can keep it safe.

The play is a response to the current struggle for land reclamation and affordable housing, particularly around developed urban centres where resources are accessible only to those who can afford it. As a result, there is a prominent tension that exists between land inheritance and restitution.

The Rabble aims to find a connection to the audience to evoke a visceral response of empathy, recognition and understanding through masks, physical theatre, images and sound.

The play has been devised and will be performed by Iman Isaacs and Richard September. Set design is by Francois Knoetze, illustration is by Hanno van Zyl, sound design is by John Withers and lighting design is by Ryno Keet.

'The Rabble'

The creators 

Iman Isaacs is a performer, dancer, choreographer, musician, theatre maker, puppeteer and educator. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2011 with a BA in Theatre and Performance. Iman’s work ranges from feature films (she had a featured role alongside Orlando Bloom and Forest Whitaker in City of Violence) to movement, physical theatre and choreography classes at City Varsity (a tertiary institution for actor training). She has also worked with the Zakheni Arts Therapy Foundation, where she partnered with a therapist and devised workshops and interventions for troubled children in underprivileged schools in Muizenberg. Most recently, Iman has performed in Full Stops on your Face, Nat, Warrior on Wheels, What goes up! Four Small Gods and No Functional Language. She was awarded Die Distelle Jong Ster award at Die Suidoosterfees 2016 for her role in Nat.

 Richard September is a Cape Town based performance artist, freelance actor, puppeteer , dancer and voice artist. He holds a BA in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town, and has been performing professionally in the medium of theatre since 2011. He has collaborated with a broad spectrum of artists and theatre organisations including Magnet Theatre (Voices Made Night) and Athol Fugard (Die Laaste Karretjiegraf). He participated in the inaugural GIPCA live arts festival in 2012 as well as 2014 with Loghorrea: The Emperor’s New Speech and Category Syndrome respectively. In 2014 and 2015 he received multiple awards for roles played in the play Rondomskrik, written by Rachelle Greef. He has recently performed in the plays Warrior on Wheels, Nat and Four Small Gods, and a docu-drama entitled First Man. Aside from performing, Richard occasionally facilitates community based physical theatre workshops.

What: The Rabble

Where and when: Magnet theatre, Observatory from 6 – 15 December 2017

Book: 021 448 3436