Triplets of Bellville a blast!THE TRIPLETS OF BELLVILLE. The Trolley Dollies – Cathy, Holly and Molly. Theatre on the Bay.


Just when everyone thought the glamorous trio from hell had gone off back to their natural habitat, lo and behold! They pop up in a totally different venue (Theatre on the Bay) after quitting Gateway 69 – and feistier than ever.

Always true to character, Cathy, Holly and Molly are intensely alive as they negotiate a sticky patch in their relationships, both personal and professional.

The enforced hiatus of lockdown has obviously interfered with their public performance, and as for their private lives, their inherent volatility is aggravated by manifold grounds for rancour…all of which is vociferously brought into the open.

Spirits high!

When all is said and done, however, and warm-and-fuzzy ousts resentment and spurious grievances, the audience leaves this engaging threesome in mutual good humour, spirits high on both sides of the footlights.

Just what is needed in these stressful times. As usual, the ill-assorted triplets – never mind whence they spring – bring polish and panache to generate some highly desirable escapism.

What: Triplets of Bellville

Where: Theatre on the Bay until 30 April 2022

Book: Computicket

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