THE TRUMAN SHOW went to see the latest production at Gate69 –The Three Little Pigs – and had a night to remember.

“Men want me, and women want to be me!”

Blast, bugger and balderdash! How does one argue with that? (Hooowl)! If you have not been to Gate69 before, then no review is going to really prepare you for what awaits. Gate69 is an opulent, seductive intimate cabaret theatre venue and home to Cape Town’s very own naughty Trolley Dollies.

Gate69: The Truman Show

The Trolley Dollies are the brain whore of Brendan van Rhyn, himself an ex trolley dollie (cabin attendant) on South African Airways. Leading the cast is Cathy Specific, an exquisitely attired platinum blond bombshell together with Holly (Christopher Dudgeon) and Molly (Rudi Jansen). These three so-not-angelic creatures with legs up to here and everything else down there, form the cast of their latest venture, The Three Little Pigs. This ultra noir musical takes the age ole tale of three anthropomorphic pigs and turns it into a wicked, sassy, crazy, naughty, sexy and entertaining tale of love, lust, revenge and redemption all rolled into an evening of fun and laughter. Accompanying the trio is Shaun as the big bad wolf, and BAD is he (hee hee)!

Many versions of The Three Little Pigs have been recreated over the years. According to the moralistically questionable Trolley Dollies, this traditional tale is obviously a watered-down Victorian version of the true story. And the ‘true’ story will leave you blushing and flushing to your roots. This creatively written script (by Christopher Dudgeon) plays with words, sounds, dance, lights and incorporates a funky musical sound track that ranges from old school ABBA hits to the 2014 hit, Bang Bang (the performance of which was, for us, a highlight in the show).

Gate69: The Truman Show

Attention to detail every step of the way

The performance on stage however is only half of the experience; your arrival is a walk down a red carpet followed by the dynamic presence of Luanna Shonfeld (one of the business partners of this euphoric venue) and Cathy, in a black sequined dress that left you wondering if you should focus on the flambounat dress, those voluptuous boobs, that massive hairdo or those beautiful eyes …fortunately she leaned over and gave us a hug and kiss before we could look further. Not your typical night out.

From that point on, it is attention to detail every step of the way, from the massive bouquet of flowers at the entrance to the gold and purple ornate colours that decorates this magnificent purple palace.

Our visit coincided with the second anniversary of the opening of Gate69 so there were treats all around – from the refreshing Aperol Spritz aperitif, to the glass of Gorgeous (what else!) sparkling wine, with masks and dazzling red, gold and silver chains for patrons to wear. More surprises. As we walked up the stairs to our tables, we were offered a Southern Comfort cocktail. Was there no end to this joy … and the show had not even started!

The platter of food on each table was a pyramid of treats and visually appealing, so much so that it was an effort to maintain an air of decorum and not just wolf (hee hee) right into it! We couldn’t finish our platter as there was so much to devour. There were a variety of flavours and textures that ranged from snoek pates and breadsticks to mini taco shells. The chicken soup in a glass with spicy bread left us gently sweating our way through it and was definitely another highlight. This is the perfect style of eating when you are sitting at a table to watch a show such as this. When booking, don’t forget to mention if there are any vegetarians in your party.

Gate69: The Truman Show

Don’t be a in a rush to leave

And when the show ends, don’t be in a rush to leave. The talented cast are bound to quickly appear in standard black jeans and t-shirts – amazingly swiftly when one considers how much detail the makeup and costumes entailed. Again, it was difficult not to gawk at their beautiful fresh faces and again we were fortunate to receive more hugs and kisses (and I a gentle back massage) to arrest our panting hearts.

Brendan aka Cathy has large hands … and I was reminded of her brazen introduction earlier in the evening: “Men want me, and women want to be me.” It must have been the wine talking to me by this stage.

Regardless of whether they are Cathy, Holly and Molly or Brendan, Christopher and Rudi, these three talented people are always warm, entertaining and extremely quick witted. And diversity? Well yeah it is; straight, gay and anything in between! Be prepared for a night to remember.

What: The Three Little Pigs

Where and when: From 14 September 2018 at Gate69, corner of Hout and Bree Street in Cape Town

Book: 021 035 1627. Tickets cost R500-R595 per person and include the show ticket and a tasty gourmet tapa offering

The Truman ShowKiru and Neil Truman are passionate about wine and food (as long as Kiru does not have to cook it). Apart from loving what goes down in their own backyard in the Western Cape, they have also been spotted sampling local offerings in Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Thailand (there are a few nifty wine farms there) and soon New Zealand.