The President Hotel Loyalty Card is a great concept in attracting – and keeping – locals by offering great benefits and specials. THE TRUMAN SHOW reports:

President Hotel Loyalty Card: The Truman Show

Capetonians often bemoan the fact that upmarket establishments focus on the international tourist, to the detriment of locals. And very often the cavil is not unwarranted. Consequently, The President Hotel in Bantry Bay has launched a loyalty card that offers a number of benefits to locals. Signing up is free and the benefits start instantly.

So, what do you need to qualify? Not much as it turns out. There is no minimum amount that you have to spend and there is no upfront cost to joining. Simply pop in to the hotel or phone them to arrange for a card, then download the app (Apple and Android). Once you link the card number to the app, you instantly receive 7500 points (worth 75.00 rand) to spend. So, your first cocktail lounging around the pool can be on the house.

The hotel recently held a launch to promote the loyalty card and showcase the benefits of visiting the hotel to locals. The “street style party” initially left us wondering if we were going to saunter around wagons of beer, creaky little food stalls, huts of wine sellers, parent child egg and spoon games, and camping chairs scattered along a closed road around the hotel in Bantry Bay. The thought of finding street parking in Bantry Bay was depressing…and how much sunblock could we slap on in this over 30-degree heat?

What a pleasure it was then to be welcomed at the security gate to the President Hotel as a visitor and directed to secure parking at the hotel. Eucatastrophe! And what an elegant and sophisticated launch this turned out to be. From the moment you enter the hotel, the expansive glass windows leading to the pool outside and transitional designed entrance with its stylistic columns and classic colour palettes, creates a calm and relaxed space that is both stylish and sleek, as well as cool and inviting.

President Hotel Loyalty Card: The Truman Show

G & T for tasting               

On arrival we were given little envelopes with tasting vouchers for the various gin, beer, wine and food tastings situated around the pool deck. These vouchers controlled the stream of crowds to the various tastings, so the queues were never overwhelming. One of the highlights at these tastings was the gin bar next to the pool. Triple Three Gin (handcrafted in South Africa of course) were on hand providing three different cocktails designed to bring out the best of their three varieties of gin. For me, the African Botanical won hands down. The perfect drink on a hot sunny day next to the pool. If your taste in gin is less pool lounger and more traditional, then Cruxland Gin by KWV were sticking to the traditional G&T; this fantastical raw gin is infused with South African flavours including Kalahari Truffles. Utterly delicious and the best for the other half of this team. Most certainly not boring.

One of the benefits of the loyalty card is having access to the absolutely stunning swimming pool area that would normally be reserved for hotel residents. Very large and perfectly positioned with the hotel building subtly curving behind it, the pool is designed to allow swimmers to enjoy the ocean view while cooling off. The area is very kiddie friendly with a large play area to the side of the pool. Surprisingly, although there were many young kiddiewinks, there were little, if any squeals of despair to be heard. Also next to the pool is the wood fired pizza oven – perfect for a light meal alongside the pool on a weekend or during the week.

President Hotel Loyalty Card: The Truman Show

Locals welcome

Shareholder and General Manager Jeremy Clayton reiterated that management at the President Hotel take their connection to the local area very seriously. Locals are invited to enjoy the ambiance that the President Hotel has to offer after work, or at any other time, although bookings are essential if you wish to visit for a quick breakfast and watch the sun rise. And why not; it is important for establishments such as The President Hotel to make themselves accessible to local people, so they can appreciate the value of pristine environments. The President Hotel Loyalty Card certainly leads the way in this regard.

What: The President Hotel Loyalty Card

How: 021 434 8111

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