Entries for the RCS Gugs Youth Day Race on Sunday, 16 June 2019 are available online via www.entrytime.com or at the venue on race day from 5.30am onwards.

RCS Youth Day Race 10km start
RCS Youth Day Race 10km start

Gugulethu Athletics Club

The popular RCS Gugs Youth Day Race takes place in Gugulethu with the aim being to celebrate the significance of young South Africans to our future as a young democracy. It’s a one-of-a-kind race that brings people from all backgrounds across the Western Cape together in the spirit of unity.

Gugulethu Athletics Club Chairperson and race organiser, Aubrey Shoko, says that one of the best things about the event is how it brings the people of Cape Town together and creates opportunities for the community.

“All the proceeds go the Gugulethu Athletics Club who are the organizers. Sport and running make things possible for people to rise above their circumstances and achieve their full potential – and this is impetus behind this race. This year, the race also offers young people the opportunity to spend time with their fathers on his special day.”

RCS Gugs Youth Day Race route

The route is designed to connect Gugulethu to surrounding areas and offers runners and their supporters a fun-filled day where everyone can be involved and get active. The proceeds from the event are ploughed directly back into the athletics club where specific programs are developed to uplift the young people in the area.

Gugs Race Day tickets

10Km Licenced – R60
10Km Unlicensed – R100
10Km Licenced – +70 – Free
10km Unlicensed +70 – R40
10Km licensed junior – R40
10km Unlicensed Junior – R65
4.2km senior – R40
4.2km Junior – R30

RCS Youth Day Race Address: NY 49 Stadium Gugulethu
RCS Gugs Race Start Time: 7am
End Time: 11am (including Prize-Giving)
Online Entry End Date: 13 June 2019
Contact: Themba Shoko 082 476 4656, Thobile Ndzube  073 318 2563, info@entrytime.com
Website: www.entrytime.com