Sat, Jun 6, 2020


It’s a no-brainer! Binge-watching TV series can wreck your immune system and encourage mindless eating – all detrimental to your waistline and immunity
Solo eating

Solo travel: Solo eating

For many entrepreneurs, business travel means travelling alone, and that can mean eating alone. But eating solo needn’t be a new low
Virgin Rumble classes day time

Workout: Rumble In The Ring

Get a full body workout - step into the ring and train like a professional boxer, but forego all the bumps and bruises!
5 exercises you can take to the beach, Virgin Active South Africa

Workout: 5 Beach Exercises

On these summer days you can exercise on the sand instead of the health club - a high intensity workout is guaranteed to get you sweating
5 training tips - Training indoors vs outdoors - Virgin Active

5 Tips: Training Indoors

Prepping for a long distance event? Biokineticist Richard Woolrich advises the road is not the only place where you should be training
foam rollers Virgin Active

Foam Rollers: 5 Basics

Here are 5 essential basics about using a foam roller. Long-term benefits include better circulation, more flexibility, improved spinal health, less stress  
Le Riche Fragrance Workshop, Le Riche Naturals range of cosmetics

Le Riche: Fragrance Workshop

Lushinka Louw will offer a 'Fragrance Workshop' on the blending properties of essential oils and working with Cape Floral Kingdom indigenous oils

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